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The most well-known abuse condition is identified with inordinate wrist expansion and generally alluded to as tennis elbow, however it is in reality increasingly regular in non-tennis players. METHODS- A prospective, comparative study was conducted with 50 patients after Ethical approval. Quantitative data is presented with Mean and Standard deviation. Examination among the investigation bunches is finished with the assistance of unpaired t test according to consequences of ordinariness test. Majority of the patients (80%) in Group A and (76%) in Group B were from the age group of 31-40 years. The mean age in Group A was 36.4±5.44 years and in Group B were 36.8±5.87 years. Majority of the patients in both groups were female. There was dominance of right side (68% and 72%) as compared to left side (32% and 28%) in both groups. The mean duration of symptom in Group A was 2.24±0.72 months as compared to 1.92±0.81 months in Group B. 20% and 12% patients in Group A had Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension respectively whereas 16% and 24% patients in Group B had Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension respectively. The mean baseline VAS score in Group A was 7.6±0.51 and Group B was 7.7±0.38 which decreased to 5.1±0.81. The mean baseline MGS score in Group A was 74.6±10.32 which increased to 91.6±4.08 in 2 weeks. And in Group B was 74.5±10.31 which increased to 99.8±2.646 in 2 weeks. The MGS score improved more in Group B after 2 weeks (p=0.005), 4 weeks (p=0.002) and 6 weeks (p=0.022). However, toward the finish of 3 months, a half year and a year, improvement in MGS Score was fundamentally better in Group A as compared to Group B.Along these lines, we presumed that PRP as an unrivaled treatment choice in instances of tennis elbow. In any case, keeping in see the constrained time of follow up in the current examination we prescribe longer follow up studies to additionally unite our discoveries and set up the long haul viability of PRP in instances of sidelong epicondylitis.


Platelet Rich Plasma Methyl Prednisolone Acetate Epicondylitis

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Kumar Shubham, Kulkarni P N, & Kshirsagar A Y. (2020). A Single Blind Randomised Clinical Study Of Outcome Of Local Injection Of Platelet Rich Plasma Vs Methyl Prednisolone Acetate In Management Of Lateral Epicondylitis. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4949-4955.