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Acute infections of the nervous system are among the hugest issues in the medicine considering the way that early affirmation, gainful dynamic and speedy association of the treatment can be lifesaving. Standard routine assessment of CSF in meningitis doesn't commonly give speedy definitive information without a doubt. Therefore there was need for additional tests. The present study conducted in Department of Medicine. The study included clinical appraisal and CSF assessment of 65 occurrences of meningitis. Lumbar cut was done in each consistent case and CSF was assembled in sterile containers.In majority cases of meningitis sugar less than two third of blood sugars, and majority of TBM cases had sugar level between 40-60 mg%. Higher cell count was seen in pyogenic meningitis cases. In context to LDH levels among the different types of meningitis, significant increased CSF LDH levels was observed in TBM and PM as compared to VM and CM but no noteworthy distinction between TBM and PM. Overall conclusion of study was that estimation of CSF LDH levels is not only supplementary aid but diagnostic and differentiating aid for meningitis.


Meningitis Lactate dehydrogenase Cerebrospinal fluid

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Shilpa Patil, & Ajikya Bahulekar. (2020). CSF analysis in a patient with meningitis with special reference to LDH. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4919-4922.