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Cervical vertebrae have a cardinal part that is a closeness of and through it passes the vertebral course, vertebral vein and sharp plexus of nerves. The vertebral course enters the of C6 and this way, the FT of C7, which transmits just the vein and nerve, might be near nothing or even occasionally absent. A vertebral channel may enter through C7 in 2% cases as necessities be combinations of this may affect the anatomical course of vascular and neural structures, and this way may cause over the top conditions. The explanation behind the investigation was to watch the anatomical mixes in the of seventh cervical vertebrae. Present work was carried on 156 dry seventh cervical vertebrae of cloud sex and age. We observed each for shape, symmetry, number or accessory and spicules. We observed nine different types of shape of . Round shapes of were present in 28.75 %, accessory in 28.84% and spicules in 12.17 % of vertebrae also noted incomplete FT in 5 vertebrae. Disclosures of present evaluation may be helpful for a radiologist in the comprehension of X-segments, dealt with and scans for spine specialists in preoperative arranging and for blocking injury of a vertebral vessel near to sharp nerves during the careful cervical approach.


Foramen Transversarium Seventh cervical Vertebrae Accessory Foramen Vertebral Artery Vertebral Vein

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Manoj P Ambali, & Surekha D Jadhav. (2020). Anatomical Variations of Foramen Transversarium of 7th Cervical Vertebrae and Its Clinical Significance. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4902-4907.