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Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) is one of the most prevalent neurobehavioral disorders of childhood which affects the social, learning and behavioural abilities, Ayurveda explains almost all the Psychiatric and Behavioral disorders under the headings of Unmada and Apasmara where Unmada is a disease featured as unstable intellect, mind, knowledge, memory, consciousness, and bad manners. This case report is aimed at dissemination of role of Ayurveda in the management of ADHD (Unmada). This case study of 4.3 years male presented with complaints of hyperactivity, poor concentration, easily irritable, shouting, headbanging, unable to speak two words at a time and sentences since last one and half year. It has shown promising results. Rasayana is the source of achieving the excellent quality of rasadidhatus (body tissues) which increases life span, improves Medha (intelligence), stabilizes youthfulness, cures disease, enhances complexion, lustre, and voice makes body strong and healthy. So Sarsawataarishta with gold is selected as a choice of drug as best rejuvenator as it promotes memory and intelligence, improves speech, and promotes health. It provides nourishment to body tissue and also acts on mind. It opened the door of the Ayurvedic approach with hope to deliver the good result in similar disorders. The case was successfully treated with the help of internal medications which were carminative, digestive and mild purgative in action, external oleation and medicated oil enemas suggested by Acharya in the treatment of Unmada. In the view of Ayurveda, ADHD can be named as Unmada due to the specific psycho-somatic clinical presentation.


Unmada Apasmara Neurobehavioral ADHD Behavioral abilities

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Rakesh Khatana, Renu Rathi, & Anamika Khatana. (2020). Role of Ayurveda in Unmada With Reference to ADHD –A Case Study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4800-4806.