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In Ayurveda all the skin diseases are explained under the term Kushtha. The references of shwitra are found in almost all the Samhitas like Bruhatrayees and Laghutrayees. In shwitra disease the white patch is seen and considering these symptom it can be compared to vitiligo. Vitiligo is characterized clinically by the development of areas of depigmentation. These are often symmetrical and occur mainly on extensor surfaces. This hypopigmentation results due to destruction of melanocytes, which may be unknown in origin or due to autoimmune endocrinopathies selective IgA deficiency. In contemporary science treatment of vitiligo is not very effective. Potent topical steroids and tacrolimus is used which produces harm to skin on continuous use. So the effective medicines are expected from Alternative sciences. To evaluates the role of Ayurveda treatment modalities in shwitra. A female patient, aged 15 year suffering from white patch below the left eye since 3year was treated with both Shodhan and Shaman Chikitsa for a period to 5 months with follow up at every 15 days in between, Relief from the complaints was assessed by noting the changes in the size of patch. After 5 months of treatment the size of patch was reduced. The present case study revealed the efficacy of Ayurveda therapy both internal and external for duration of 5 months in the management of shwitra.


Vitiligo Shodhan and Shaman Shwitra

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Trupti Thakre, & Sourabh Deshmukh. (2020). A Case Study to Evaluate the Treatment of Shwitra with Ayurveda Modalities. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4790-4799.