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India is considered to be one of the rich repositories of medicinal and aromatic plants, which are mainly used as starting raw materials for drug manufacturing and perfumery products. More than thirty percent of various medicinal plant species are routinely used for various medicinal purposes. In this study, our major objective is to evaluate its and antioxidant potential of protein extracted from leaves of these two medicinal plants, i.e. and Syzygium . In order to achieve this objective, studies were conducted and extracted protein from leaves (using Tris and acetone) and confirming its protein content through the Lowry test. In addition, (using the standard vaccine, i.e. Typhoid vaccine) and antioxidant (using DPPH [1, 1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl] assay) based studies were evaluated using a variable concentration of protein. The results indicate that proteins showed effect against typhoid vaccine and also showed antioxidant effect as compared to control. In short, proteins serve as a natural antioxidant and also showed , which may be useful in preventing free radical-induced diseases and also claimed its properties as well. Overall, these studies reveal that protein possesses potential benefits in terms of (against specific protein antigen) and antioxidant effect.


Mangifera indica Syzygium cumini immunogenicity antioxidant protein

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Gurpreet Singh, Shubham Tyagi, Aashrika Gupta, Abhishekh Tripathi, Karishma Ghosh, & Amit Gupta. (2020). Exploring its immunogenicity and antioxidant potential of protein from Mangifera indica and Syzygium cumini. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4773-4778.