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The crisis is an emergency which interrupts the manhood, leads to instability everywhere. It affects an individual, group, or society etc. There are various types of crises, and everyone should have its management model and perfect plan to come out of it. Every must have a crisis management system and team. This management system a task force having minimum three to four capable members, who find out ways to overcome the crisis, and they should be able to succeed crisis. In a crisis, stress management is an important factor that may affect peoples as well as management severely. The significant part depends on the role of people and the leaders or officials, their in a critical situation. or officials should communicate effectively with needy peoples, helping members, task force, media persons to tackle the situation meticulously, as communication is the best way-out to the interpersonal conflicts. personnel must coordinate with the media to provide time to time accurate information. So, cumulatively crisis management capable task force team, cooperative peoples or officials, excellent communication, stress management practices, person who deal with media and well-equipped .


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Gaurav Sawarkar, & Punam Sawarkar. (2020). Crisis Management System- an overview. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4750-4755.