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To compare tumour response and complications of conventional TACE with lipidol versus DEB-TACE in the treatment of non-resectable HCC.Prospective non randomized comparative clinical trial was performed for patients receiving TACE at interventional radiology unit in Radiodiagnosis department in Zagazig university hospitals. Forty patients were included in this study, 16 patients were treated with drug eluting beads TACE and 24 patients were treated with conventional TACE.Follow up triphasic CT was performed 1 month after the procedure, we found that complete response was 6 cases (25 %) in c TACE group, and 4 cases (25%) in drug eluting bead TACE group, Partial response was achieved in 11 cases (45.8%) in c TACE group, and in 8 cases (50 %) in DEBs-TACE group, Cases with stable disease were 5 cases (20.8%) in c TACE group, and it was 3 cases (18.7%) in DEBs-TACE group, progressive disease is noted in two cases (8.3 %) in c TACE group, and one case (6.2 %) in drug eluting TACE group. Complications were as follow: 18 cases (75%) with abdominal pain in c TACE group, and 6 cases (37.5%) with abdominal pain in DEBs-TACE group, Nausea and vomiting were noted in 13 cases (54.17%) in c TACE group and in 3 cases (18.75%)in DEBs TACE group, Alopecia was noted in 8 cases (33.3 %) in c TACE group and in one case (6.25%) in DEBs TACE group.There were no significant differences between two groups regarding tumour response after 1 month. Almost all complications were significantly lower in DEBs-TACE group than in c TACE group, especially with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and alopecia. Abbreviations: c TACE: conventional trans-arterial chemoembolization, DEB TACE: drug eluting beads trans-arterial chemoembolization, HCC: hepatocellular carcinoma, CR: complete response, PR: partial response, SD: stable disease, PD: progressive disease.


c TACE DEBs TACE HCC complications response

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Amgad M.Elsheikh, Mohamed I.Teama, Afify F. Afify, Mohamed H.Abowarda, & Hosam N.Almassry. (2020). Trans-arterial chemoembolization (TACE) in treatment of non-resectable hepatocellular carcinoma: comparative study between conventional TACE and drug eluting bead TACE. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4733-4741.