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Kinnow mandarin is a major citrus fruit crop in India. This study was designed to evaluate Total Phenol content (TPC), Total Flavonoid content (TFC) and antioxidant activity of vegetative and fruit associated leaves extracts of Kinnow at three different times of the year. The results revealed variation in all three parameters chosen: total phenol, flavonoid content as well as antioxidant capacity between vegetative and fruit associated leaves and during different time periods of the study.The TPC and TFC were highest for fruit associated leaf phase II (9.49 ± 0.075 GAE /g dw and 7.74 ± 0.125 QE mg /g dw respectively) whereas antioxidant activity 31.49 ± 0.025 mg AA/g dw was highest for fruit associated leaves phase I extracts. The TPC,TFC and DPPH free radical scavenging activity among the leaf extracts of Kinnow indicated that some non- phenolic components also contributed to the total antioxidant activity in Kinnow leaves extracts examined in the present investigation. To the best of our information, this is the first experiment presenting comprehensive data on TPC, TFC and antioxidant activity for Kinnow leaf extracts. The study further envisaged that the Kinnow leaves may be important sources of antioxidant for food and pharmaceutical industries.


Antioxidant activity DPPH Flavonoids Kinnow mandarin Phenols

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Rajat Bhola, & Ramesh Joshi. (2020). Evaluation of Antioxidant activity and Phenolic contents of Kinnow mandarin leaf extracts. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4665-4669.