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Cancer is also known as the captain of death for humanity. It ranks second only after heart disease leading to death worldwide. In India, the incidence of gastric cancer is considered low and variable in different parts of the world. Gastric carcinoma plays an essential role in determining its management also its location gives some idea about the etiopathogenesis; hence this study was undertaken to study the situation and staging of tumours in patients of gastric carcinoma. This was a prospective study in which 50 patients of gastric adenocarcinoma admitted in the department of surgery at a tertiary hospital were studied. Out of 50 patients studied, 36 were males, and 14 were females. Even though the mean age for male patients is slightly higher than female patients (62 versus 60), the most common location of the tumour was the antrum (88%) followed by the cardia (6%) while the body had just 4% of the tumours and 2% of the tumours were diffused. The most common stage for tumours was stage II (88%), followed by stage III (12%). There were no tumours in stage 1 and IV. Most patients were males who presented in early-stage II with antrum being the most common location of the tumour.


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AvinashRinait, Yashwant Lamture R, Pulavarty Prateek, & Dilip Gode. (2020). Study of Location and Staging of Tumours in Patients of Gastric Carcinoma at a Tertiary Hospital. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4499-4502.