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The present study was a two-year prospective cross-sectional study done to diagnose and categorize lesions of endometrium on endometrial sampling included a total of 153 cases, of which 111 were curettage samples, and 42 were biopsy samples. Of the 153 cases, the indication for performing endometrial sampling was AUB in 131 cases and infertility in22 cases. Primary infertility constituted 64% of all the facts of infertility.AUB was common in perimenopausal age group, and infertility was commonly seen in 20-30 years age group and characteristic in multiparous Precursor lesions were the most widely recognized diagnosis on histopathology in23.7. In the category of regular physiological pattern, 72.2% of cases were in the reproductive age group, —36.3 % cases presented with inability to conceive and clinical diagnosis of infertility. Tumour like lesions had a majority of cases (55.5%) in the perimenopausal group. Intermenstrual bleeding was the most widely recognized symptom of presentation.All the cases of malignant lesions were in the post-menopausal age group and all cases presented with post-menopausal bleeding. About 80% of cases were correctly diagnosed clinically. Endometrioid endometrial carcinoma was seen in 60% cases, followed by carcinoma extending from cervix in30 % cases and carcinosarcoma in 10% cases.


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Nanda Patil J, & Sujata Kanetkar. (2020). Histopathological study of endometrial Samplings. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4424-4427.