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To estimate the nutritional value of a newly formulated health drink. The various components were weighed out and grinded to fine homogenous powder. The various components include turmeric, black pepper, mango peel, raisins and almonds. Mango peel and mango fruit were dried to remove the water content. The sample tea powder was prepared by weighing out 10g of whole black pepper, 18g of almonds, 15g of raisins, 10g of dried and powdered mango peel and fruit along with about 1g of turmeric powder. The above said weight of different substances was obtained through trial and error. The above said mixture was then quantitatively analysed for nutritional substances such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, calcium and dietary fibres. The health drink was quantitatively analysed and the values were obtained for 100g of the health drink. The carbohydrate content was lower in comparison with commercially available health drinks available in the market, this would provide an edge of the said health drink as a lower carbohydrate content implies a lesser chance of dental caries. The newly formulated health drink provides to be far superior to the presently available health drinks and hence further research on the same would enable its introduction into the commercial market for use.


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Keshaav Krishnaa P, Vishnu Priya V, & Gayathri R. (2018). Assessment of nutritional value of a newly formulated health drink. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(3). Retrieved from

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