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Currently, in connection with the active development of dairy farming in Russia, the main requirement is to increase the dairy productivity of cattle and improve the quality of primary products. Despite the successes achieved in studying the causes of the development and pathogenesis of endometritis, the development of prevention methods, the frequency of their manifestation, especially in highly productive dairy herds, has no tendency to decrease. We conducted an experiment to study the effectiveness of the Flunex biogenic preparation with the Ceftonite gynecological suppositories in a comparative aspect with other known preparations with acute catarrhal-purulent endometritis. When conducting the experiment, before determining the therapeutic efficacy of the above drugs, anamnestic data were collected, the general condition, fatness and physique of the animal were determined. When using the tissue preparation Flunex with the gynecological suppositories Ceftonite for therapeutic purposes, with acute catarrhal-purulent endometritis of cows, recovery is faster than when using natural colostrum in combination with ichthyol suppositories.


endometritis oestrus fertility infertility

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Sergey Yu. Smolentsev, Ivan I. Kalyuzhny, Alexander M. Semivolos, Alla V. Egunova, Aleksandr M. Gertman, Andrey A. Elenshleger, Ivan A. Nikulin, & Yuriy N. Alekhin. (2020). Use of Flunex and Ceftonite drugs for inflammation of the uterus in cows. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4235-4239.

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