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Selenium nanoparticles have role in toxic waste removal and bioremediation. In a recent study, biosynthesis of many metal and metal oxide nanoparticles by different plant extracts was found to be stable even after wet heat sterilization process. In some studies, biosynthesis of silver, gold, and selenium nanoparticles using microorganisms and plant and parts. In this present study we have synthesized selenium nanoparticles using arrow root and analysed for its free radical scavenging activity. 20 mM of sodium selenite was prepared using 60 mL of distilled water and 40 mL of Arrowroot extract. It was kept in the shaker. Readings were taken for 3 days. Centrifugation was done at 8000 rpm. Pellet was collected and was used for antioxidants activity that is free radical scavenging activity. The antioxidant property of arrow root mediated selenium nanoparticles are comparatively higher than the standard antioxidant property. Calculations were done on the basis of reading that was obtained. This study proves that there is antioxidant activity that is free radical scavenging activity adopted by selenium nanoparticles extracted from arrow root.


Selenium nanoparticles Antioxidant green synthesis Plant

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Apurva Choudhary, Rajeshkumar S, Anita Roy, & Lakshmi T. (2020). Free radical scavenging activity of Maranta arundinacea assisted selenium nanoparticles. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4214-4217.