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Preservatives are used in a wide field of application to maintain the quality of products. They are used to deal with the chemical, physical and microbiological problems and the constraints of the development of several formulations. In this work, we tested the stability of antimicrobial preservatives which are the parabens under different stress degradation conditions to evaluate their degree of effectiveness. The tested parabens were incubated in different solutions at different pH, Temperatures, light conditions, and presence or absence of sucrose in solution (create a medium similar of syrups). The HPLC was used for the assay, by a validated method for the parabens assay and the statistical analysis of the data is carried out by JMP software. The results show a direct influence of temperature and pH on the level of parabens, while the influence of light remains negligible. The increase in temperature gives a degree of immunity of parabens levels, especially with the extreme values of pH. This study is one of the first studies of forced decomposition of parabens carried out under the various conditions suggested. The results give an idea of the stability profile of the tested parabens and suggest a model of the conditions of conservation and use of these products in different domains and under different conditions.


Antimicrobial Preservatives parabens stability stress degradation

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Ismail Bennani, Madiha Alami Chentoufi, Miloud El Karbane, Ibrahim Sbai El Otmani, Amine Cheikh, Abdelkader Laatiris, Jaouad El Harti, & Mustapha Bouatia. (2020). Preservatives Stability: Stability Study of Parabens under Different Conditions of Stress Degradation. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4187-4194.

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