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is a genus of plant in the grass family. It is found in the tropical regions and is also known as grass, Bermuda grass and Indian Doab. It is a herb extensively used in Indian system of medicine. It has many health benefits and is useful in controlling hypertension, skin diseases and diabetes. Selenium particles have an excellent anti-cancer, , antioxidant, photo reactive property. The size of SeNPs ranges from 30nm to 200 nm. These particles can be used in arthritis, cancer, diabetes etc. To prepare the selenium particles using Cynodon , fresh Cynodon was dried and made into a fine powder and powder mixed with distilled water. Selenium were synthesized using plant extract and sodium . Anti microbial activity against oral pathogens tested usingagar well diffusion method. The diameter of zone of inhibition was recorded on each plate. The change was indicative of the formation of SeNPs that was further confirmed by . The Cynodon mediated SeNPs showed high anti microbial activity against all the three micro-organisms especially Candida and S.. Therefore, diseases can be prevented as it is very effective in inhibiting the growth of the colonies.


Cynodon dactylon selenium nano particles antimicrobial activity spectrophotometry

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Akansha Kishen, Rajeshkumar S, & Preejitha V. B. (2020). Cynodon dactylon Mediated Synthesis of Selenium Nanoparticles and Its Antimicrobial Activity Against Oral Pathogens. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4152-4156.