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Drug Utilization is also known as Drug Utilization Review, is an arrangement of persistent, orderly, criteria based medication assessment that guarantees the proper usage of drugs. Drug use/ utilization evaluation and medication utilization evaluations are the same as drug utilization review. It is a technique for acquiring data to recognize the problems related to the usage of drugs and if appropriately created, it also gives a method for revising the issue and in this way, it becomes a factor in reasonable drug usage. Evaluation of use can survey the real procedure of medication administration or dispensing of proper medication and furthermore the results of treatment. Drug utilization review services include corrective actions, prescriber reviews and further evaluations as a quality assurance mechanism. This article reviews the drug utilization pattern and evaluation of the process of drug utilization. The evaluation pattern can be classified into several categories such as prospective, concurrent and retrospective. The drug utilization evaluation process is a continuous cycle and its maximum effect is attained when it is conducted as a cycle rather than conducting in steps. This evidence-based approach with utilization of the medication is intended to depend on the best accessible clinical evidence to create explicit rules for a particular illness or utilization of a particular medication.


Drug Utilization Evaluation DUE cycle Steps involved in DUE

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Philip Jacob, Arul Balasubramanian, & Kothai Ramalingam. (2020). A review on steps involved in drug utilization review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4095-4098.

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