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In the present study, the antidiabetic formulation was evaluated for the invitro antidiabetic, antioxidant and a pilot invivo study was conducted with a mixture of herbal powders, i.e. Mimosa pudica L and Aegle marmelos (L) Corr. The formulation was screened for its antioxidant activity using DPPH free radical assay and inhibitory effect against the α- glucosidase and lipase compared with the standard. Assays were carried out at the concentration varying from 50 – 500 µg/ml (antioxidant activity) and 20 – 100 µg/ml (antidiabetic). Results of the present study have clearly indicated that the formulation possesses significant α-glucosidase enzyme inhibition property ranges from 41.4% - 12.42% in the different concentration of aqueous extract and similarly pancreatic lipase inhibition potential at 50% with value of 100µg /ml revealed the significant activity. Moreover, the formulation administered in the diabetic patient reduces the glucose level of fasting and postprandial level, notably; thus, it indicates that it is a promising drug candidate that proves antidiabetic activity.


Mimosa pudica Aegle marmelos Antidiabetic formulation Diabetes mellitus

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Anitha V, Rajarajeswari, Bupesh G, Vasanth S, Tirumalai Vasan P, Sahoo U, & Pitambar Humane. (2020). Therapeutic Efficacy of Mimosa Pudica - Aegle Marmelos formulation on Diabetes Mellitus. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4089-4094.