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In the present study follow up kept on immediate post-operative day and at one week to evaluate pain, bleeding and inflammation. Final follow up at two months for assessment of aesthetic score by three independent personnel. Pain and inflammation were more associated with Group B compared to Group A, but there are no statistical significance differences among this groups (P value- 0.074 and 0.136 for pain and inflammation respectively on immediate post-operative day. Chi-square test). Final follow up assessment of aesthetic scores at two months calculated by Chi- square test and comparisons of two groups for aesthetic scores done by Independent t-Test. All three personnel gave higher aesthetic score to Group B but statistically this was not significant (P-value 0.287, 0.129 and 0.400 by Observer 1, 2 and patients respectively. Chi-square test). The mean aesthetic score given by Observer 1, 2 and patient was higher associated to Group B but statistically this was not significant (P=0.526, 0.055 and 0.232 independent t-Test).


Derma roller Percutaneous collagen induction Platelet rich plasma epidermis Micro-needling

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Alpesh, & Jumale V P. (2020). Role of Dermaroller and Prp In Post-Traumatic Facial Scar Treatments. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 4061-4067.