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To highlight how holistic occupational therapy processes contribute to the level of parent’s perception and satisfaction, improve the therapist’s level of care, update therapist about client understands of their services, increase client’s awareness of different modes of occupational therapy treatment services. Quantitative descriptive cross-sectional study design, POC-20 Questionnaire is used to measure the processes of care questionnaire with parents ticking each column of items according to their perception and satisfaction. MPOC-20 question output from the interview results shows the treatment care services that enable parents to understand how the therapist takes effort and satisfied them day to day life. Therapist expressed their confidence in the holistic approachability to manage the child’s behaviors and act as the family center-point of contact for their ongoing care. This research clearly demonstrates the value of the holistic approach, parent and child place on receiving their service care close to home and how the therapist uses their holistic approach to enable this. The success of this study demonstrates this model of care can be implemented in other services across the world.


Measure of Processes of Care (MPOC-20) patient-centered-care parental perceptional and satisfaction holistic occupational therapy well-being

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Christopher Amalraj Vallaba Doss, Syed Mohamed Sadath, Palanivel R M, Muhil Sakthivel, OLA Olatunji, & Malik Khurram Shahzad Awan. (2020). A Study on Parental Perception and Satisfaction towards Occupational Therapy Holistic Approach on Treatment and Service Delivery. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3916-3921.