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The name aphrodisiac is taken from Aphrodite who is penned as the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sex in an ancient folk tale. Dating from a remote period humans strive hard to improve their sexual powers but modern lifestyle and other environmental factors have resulted in many sexual dysfunctions . Current treatment strategies which had lead to unsuccessful results and high cost made man to search for alternative medicine or to include nutraceuticals in their food diet which improves aphrodisiac properties . There are hundreds of medicinal plants that can improve aphrodisiac activity and also there are herbs that have a nutraceutical value other than medicinal properties which improve aphrodisiac activity. There are many numbers of nutritional factors as well as phytochemical factors present in fruits and vegetables other than calories and fats which are helpful in providing nutritional health and to cure diseases. This review divulges about some nutraceutical food plants which are helpful for relieving sexual dysfunction or to improve sexual function.


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Gayathri A G, & Mruthunjaya K. (2020). Aphrodisiac Activity of Nutraceuticals. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3878-3888.