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As an acute infectious disease caused by the paramyxoviridae virus, the disease spreads rapidly into a respiratory tract. Patients may have many serious complications if not monitored and treated promptly. Identifying common measles in young children and contagious in the community, especially in schools, kindergartens and primary schools is something that many people are interested in to master the methods in order to prevent this disease. Measles, although not serious, has serious complications and can be fatal. In addition to vaccinating children, some folk remedies handed down and currently being used to treat measles in Vietnam have proven its effectiveness. Very common herbs that are used for everyday food seem very ordinary but have great roles that we sometimes overlook. The scientific ingredients in herbs are a safe solution for people suffering from viral diseases such as influenza strains, typhus, pimples, dysentery, sore throat, colds. A special thing is that herbs is quite safe and have few side effects like Western medicine antibiotics. There are some medicinal herbs such as ophiopogon japonicus, coriander seed, elsholtzia cristata or eclipta prostrata which can bring a healthier life for everyone in general and children in particular if we know how to apply these herbs in a logical and scientific way. For that purpose, the paper was completed in order to clarify the basic knowledge of measles and the way of using medicinal herbs as a therapy that has been used for a long time in some Asian countries in general and Vietnam in particular.


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Huynh Tan Hoi. (2020). The roles of medicinal herbs in the treatment of measles. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3872-3877.