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In parenteral nutrition, the lipid emulsions are usually presented separately from other components. The admixture is made just before or during administration because of limited stability. The purpose of the present study is the formulation of lipid nanocapsules (LNC) based on Argan-oil and their introduction into preparations for parenteral nutrition, then the evaluation of their stability. The lipid nanocapsules have been prepared according to the phase inversion temperature method. The experimental design was used to determine the feasibility of LNC with Argan oil (A.O.-LNC), the evaluation of their size and the stability in the final mixing parenteral nutrition. The average size of the LNC was chosen as a response. The LNC based on 14% Argan oil, 6% Labrafac ®, 55% water and 25% of Solutol ® with an average size of 44 nm was selected for the preparation of the parenteral nutrition. The particle size distribution with a value of 70 nm and a polydispersity index of 0.102 indicates the homogeneity of the populations of particles. The statistical analysis shows the excellent stability of parenteral nutrition for 14 days.


Parenteral nutrition lipid nanocapsule Argan oil Mixture design

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Majda Benabbes, Aicha Fahri, Yassir El alaoui, Naoual Cherkaoui, Abdelkader Laatiris, & Younes Rahali. (2020). Formulation of parenteral nutrition based on argan oil nanocapsule system using d-optimal mixture design. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3857-3865.