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The aim of this study was to identify the incident rate of different types of cancers and determine risks of cancer in Erbil Capital of Kurdistan Region Government from June 2004 to December 2017. This data was collected from registered cases in Nanakaly hospital for cancer. It included all cancer cases for different age groups during the a fore mentioned period; the results showed that the recorded number of cancer cases was 1021 with 27 types of cancer during. The highest recorded cancers are lung, breast, diffuse cancer, lymphoma, myeloid leukemia and acute lymphocytic leukemia by 9.43%, 24.40%, 10.61%, 9.10%, 8.95% and 8.78% respectively. The annual incident rate per 100,000 was 5712 and for all age groups were 67.26 in female and 4698 in women, from 53 to 376.5 cases/population/ year. Incident rate showed to be 51.72% in female and 48.28% in male. It was last noticed that the most common cancer amongst females and males were breast, lung, myeloid leukemia, Lymphoma, Acute lymphocytic leukemia, Colon, ovary, and thalassemia by 21.01%, 1.80%, 5.71%, 4.54%, 4.41%, 1.69%, 1.42%, and 0.50% with the males by 3.05%, 7.68%, 5.56%, 6.17%, 5.67%, 2.81%, 0.18%, and 0.32% respectively. Projections of cancer trends to the year 2030 indicate to expected rises in both incidence and prevalence. It seems that the cancer cases in Erbil city is higher comparing to the cases of other cities like Sulaymaniyah especially for older age groups. In this survey, breast cancer in females, lung cancers in males were ranked first with other cancer all 14 years.


Estimation Cancer Incidence Time Series Erbil capital

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Holem Hashm Balaky, Ardalan Abdulhamid Osman, Pakestan Hammad Amin, & Haval Abdullah khudher. (2020). Cancer Incidence Rate in Kurdistan-Iraq during 14 Years - Depend on Cancer Registry Program. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3833-3839.