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Customer satisfaction is an essential aspect of quality of service. In healthcare, customer satisfaction, also known as patient satisfaction is an indicator for measuring the quality of service and how happy the patient is with the professional services received in the industry. This parameter is essential for all healthcare organizations, as it is used for improving service delivery and strategic goals. Therefore, this study aimed to examine the patients’ level of satisfaction regarding professional pharmaceutical services provided by certified pharmacists of 14 private pharmacies in the Kasihan Subdistrict, Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The nonexperimental descriptive design with a cross-sectional method was employed in this study. It involved 308 participants and was conducted from November 2018 to May 2019. The patients’ level of satisfaction was measured using the Service Quality (SERVQUAL) approach involving five dimensions, namely; reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles. The results showed that the patients’ level of satisfaction on the average was satisfactory, at 80.2%. Besides, satisfaction based on reliability was 82.5%, responsiveness was 85.5%, assurance was 85.8%, empathy was 76.3%, while the dimension of tangibles was 70.9%. In conclusion, patients were satisfied on an average, regarding the professional services provided by the staff of certified pharmacies in the region.


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Pinasti Utami, Ghozali MT, Ingenida Hadning, & Firdhanita Liz Syafani. (2020). Patients’ Level of Satisfaction from Pharmaceutical Services Provided by Private Pharmacies Using the SERVQUAL Model Analysis. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3773-3779.