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The profile of the target product includes all the characteristics of the product like chemical properties, constituents of the product, physical state and formulation of the product, state of the product at which the highest efficacy and lowest efficacy is obtained. The medical benefits that can be achieved by the use of the product, site of application of the product, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics of the product, aerodynamics, toxicology, purity rates, sterility etc. For the development of manufacturing process, many factors should be clearly understood, which includes the necessary means of the manufacturing of the selected product, the ultimate goal of the manufacturing, what are the drawbacks that have been encountered. in the past manufactured productsduring and after production, how to overcome those loop wholes, what are the all useful techniques that may or may not be economic that can be employed in this manufacture developing process etc. For achieving all these, there should be a number of experts in manufacturing who are hired for this process, as it is always dealt with immense importance and economy. Quality by Design is a very novel approach for making advances in the field of medicine, which can be said as therapy with pharmaceutical advances can cure anything. But, very innovative thoughts by the experts and in-depth research and understanding of the therapeutic moiety of an organism and the disease can help in this advancement.


Quality by Design Utility by Design Contamination Pharmaceutical Product Stability

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Jogu. Chandrudu, & Gandhimathi R. (2020). Quality by design (QbD) in the field of pharmaceuticals - A Review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3719-3722.