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The drugs that can be easily purchased from any medical store without prescription are known as “Non Prescription” drugs. Such non prescription drugs are used for self medication. Non Prescription drugs are commonly termed as “Over the counter” drugs. There is always certain degree of danger in consuming OTC drugs even though some people consider their use as completely safe. The study is designed with an objective to understand the pattern of Over the Counter drugs use in a locality of Dehradun by using a structured questionnaire. An Observational, Descriptive study was conducted. The data was collected using a Questionnaire. The present study was carried out in 350 participants. After analyzing the results it was found that 100% participants follow self medication and consume OTC drugs. The number of females (52%) were more as compared to males(48%). Paracetamol (62%) was the most commonly consumed OTC drug. Fever (37%) was the most common condition for which people use OTC drugs. The most general reason of practicing selfmedication that was reported in our study was easy convenience (23%). The study also concludes that the most common source of relevant information about OTC drugs were friends/relatives. (28%). The use of OTC drugs is fast increasing as they are easily available. However, poor awareness about their consumption end up in many side effects. This study will help gain knowledge about peoples perceptive which would ultimately help forming new guidelines for safer use of OTC drugs.


Survey Over the Counter “Non- Prescription” drugs Perception

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Shatakshi Lall, & Nardev Singh. (2020). Over the counter drug use: Assessing the perception of the community. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3580-3584.