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Precision medicine (PM) refers to the modifying of medical or dental treatment according to the individual features of each patient. Imaging has become a central part of PM since the last decade. PM takes into account and aims to exploit the specific profile of the patient’s unique biology and problem. Imaging plays an important role by providing morphologic and functional information, focusing and guiding treatment and assessing response to therapy. Image-guided treatment (IGT), or here specifically image-guided endodontics, is not a strategy that tries to optimize 3-D cleaning, shaping and disinfection, and filling root canal systems. Importantly, IGT is not about simply making a smaller access or smaller shape. It is concept for preserving dentin and restoring the balance. It is about planning access, planning shape using a directed approach, and evaluating the response to treatment. So, in this meta-analysis review, we discuss about the role of image guided therapies like static CT guidance & Dynamic guidance, guided rail based on CBCT (3D printer-based template) used in conventional endodontic therapies and in endodontic surgery. The used of CBCT in the various branches of dentistry such has oral implantology, periodontology has been increased due to its three–dimensional visualization. For the technology to be fully transferred to everyday clinical endodontic practice, there are number of considerations. The novel concepts of guided endodontichas been reported as an effective method to obtain safe and reliable method during variable endodontic procedures.


Calcified canals CBCT Guided Endodontics Precision Medicine

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Madhulika Chandak, Manoj Chandak, Chanchal Rathi, Samrudhi Khatod, Pooja Chandak, & Kajol Relan. (2020). Guided Endodontics : A Novel Invasive Technique For Access Cavity Preparation -Review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3459-3464.