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Prediabetes is a glucose homeostasis condition characterized by decreased absorption to glucose or reduced fasting glucose. Both of these are reversible stages of intermediate hyperglycaemia providing an increased type II DM risk. Pre-diabetes can therefore be viewed as a significant reversible stage which could lead to type II DM, and early detection of prediabetes may contribute to type II DM prevention. Prediabetes patients are at high risk for potential type II diabetes, and 70 percent of them appear to develop Type II diabetes within 10 years. The present study includes total 200 subjects that include 100 Prediabetic patients, 50 T2DM patients and 50 healthy individual. Blood samples were collected from the subjects were obtained for FBS, PPBS, Uric acid and Creatinine estimation, from OPD and General Medicine Wards. Present study showed low levels of Serum Uric Acid in prediabetic and T2DM patients were decreased as compared to control group, while the level of creatinine in prediabetic and diabetic were elevated as compared to control group, were not statically significant. Serum Uric Acid was high in control group and low in prediabetic and diabetic patients. Serum creatinine was declined in control group and increased in prediabetic and diabetic patients with increasing Fasting blood glucose level.


Prediabetes Type II Diabetes Mellitus Uric Acid Serum Creatinine IGT IFG

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Ranjit S. Ambad, Rakesh Kumar Jha, Lata Kanyal Butola, Nandkishor Bankar, Brij Raj Singh, & Archana Dhok. (2020). Relationship between uric acid and creatinine in pre-diabetic and diabetic patients: Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3412-3417.