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Spices are mainly plants or their parts which lends an aroma or flavour to food. They form an integral part of Indian cuisine and are used to flavour and preserve our daily food besides other uses. Their immense traditional uses as diuretic, purgative etc. have been known to man since time immemorial. The traditional use to treat ailments has only currently been scientifically validated. The study of the pharmacological principles responsible for the activity of crude spices has also gained importance in recent times. Some of the spices used daily in Indian cuisine have been known to possess major anti-inflammatory effects. When the body is injured, it mounts a protective inflammatory response to prevent further injury or infection. In spite of its apparently docile nature, inflammation may sometimes cause extensive tissue damage. This condition is extremely dangerous if left untreated. The review underlines the importance of some of the frequently used spices in the treatment of inflammation. It also highlights the molecular mechanisms responsible for the reduction in inflammation by these spices and further investigates the active principle responsible for the same from the various studies done in this field in an attempt to highlight the importance of spices in our lives.


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Debjani Sarkar. (2020). The curative role of some dietary spices in inflammation. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3402-3411.