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A Patient came with the complaint of pain in the lower right back region of the jaw. Root canal treatment was planned. While preparing for the bio-mechanical procedure, the Hand pro taper fractured in the apical third. Iatrogenic occurred as a result of the fracture of the endodontic instrument. Retrieval of the fractured instrument was planned to complete the cleaning and shaping of the canal. The removal of the fractured instrument was planned to be done under the Dental Operating Microscope. The use of an operating microscope enhanced the illumination and the magnification of the instrument. This illumination and magnification helped in the precision of removal. The ultrasonic tip enabled to reach of the fractured instrument in the canal and loosen the dentin around the fractured instrument. It allowed easy retrieval of the fractured instrument. During the retrieval procedure, the fractured instrument was bypassed before the use of the ultrasonic tip. After the removal of the fractured instrument, cleaning and shaping were completed, followed by obturation, definitive restoration, and prosthesis. As the removal of the fractured instrument enabled complete cleaning and shaping, it improved the prognosis of the case. When the endodontic instrument gets fractured, it should be analyzed over the radiograph to assess the fracture level, the anatomy of the root canal, size of the fractured instrument, check accessibility, stage of fracture, etc. If all the above criteria are met with the removal of the instrument only then, replacement should be tried. Otherwise, it may lead to a severe loss of root dentin, decreasing fracture resistance of the root.


Fractured instrument Microscope Ultrasonic Removal

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Samrudhi Khatod, Anuja Ikhar, Pradnya Nikhade, & Manoj chandak. (2020). Retrieval of fractured Endodontic Instrument under dental operating microscope using ultrasonic tips : A Case Report. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3316-3321.