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Hyperbilirubinemia otherwise called ”jaundice” is yellowish-green pigmentation of the sclera and skin brought about by an expansion in bilirubin creation or an imperfection in bilirubin elimination. Prospective randomized comparative correlational study carried out on babies admitted to NICU in Krishna Hospital. All healthy term babies (= 37 weeks) with non haemolytic hyperbilirubinemia with absolute serum bilirubin =20 mg/dl - = 25 mg/dl from second day of life to fourteenth day of life. Out of 811 babies admitted in NICU during the study period, 52 babies were admitted for severe hyperbilirubinemia in NICU. Thus, the incidence rate was 6.4%.out of these 28 (53.84%) were male and 24 (46.15%) were female. The frequency of extreme hyperbilirubinemia was more in inborn babies (78.88%) than out born babies (21.15%). The frequency of extreme hyperbilirubinemia with respect to birth weight were, Weights between 2000 gms-3000gms were 40 (76.9%) and weight above 3000 gms were 12 (23.07%). The percentage weight loss from the time of birth till admission between enhanced and non enhanced gatherings was comparable. In the study, 28 (53.84%) were delivered per vaginally, 24 (46.15%) were born by LSCS. Most neonates in our study, 31 (59.61%) cases presented with in 2-5 days, 20 cases presented between 6-10 days and only one case between 11-14 days. The mean gestational age of presentation in both groups was not significant. By unpaired T test both supplemental and non supplemental groups are comparable i.e., the levels of bilirubin, rate of reduction of bilirubin between 2 groups is not significant. By ANOVA test i.e., the levels of bilirubin, rate of reduction of bilirubin in both the groups is highly significant. The complete length of phototherapy required between2 groups is not significant. This information show that organization of extra intravenous liquid in embittered sound, term, breastfed neonates have no useful impact on the pace of serum bilirubin decrease during phototherapy.


Fluid Supplementation Phototherapy Serum Bilirubin Hyperbilirubinemia

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Anand Patil, Pawar J M, & Kshirsagar V Y. (2020). Effect of fluid supplementation with phototherapy in reducing the serum bilirubin levels in severe hyperbilirubinemia. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3279-3283.