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Lipases are widespread in nature and have been largely found in animals, higher plants and microorganisms. Lipase is the main enzyme that breaks down dietary fats in the human digestive system, converts triglyceride substrates found in ingested oils to monoglycerides and two fatty acids. Lipase was extracted from dried coconut and characterization of the enzyme was studied. The lipase extracted from the coconut was found to have optimum pH and temperature of 7.5 and 35°C respectively. Lipase is an enzyme which is economical and can be easily extracted from natural sources at low cost. It also has a wide application in various industries and is very much in need of current life style. Therefore, in the present study, lipase enzyme was extracted from coconut and enzyme activity was measure at various temperature and pH condition and the exact molecular weight of the enzyme was determined using SDS-PAGE technique. Furthermore, studies can be conducted to attain its complete application in various field.


Coconut Extraction Lipase Purification SDS-PA

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Subashri A, Vishnu Priya V, & Gayathri Rengasamy. (2018). Extraction and partial purification of lipase from coconut seeds. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(2). Retrieved from