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Jackfruit (Artrocarpus Heterophyllus) has a place with family Moraceae is a basic piece of normal Indian eating routine. Urease, one of the very productive known catalysts catalyzes the hydrolysis of urea into NH3 and carbon dioxide. The present study aimed to extract urease enzyme from jackfruit. The protein extraction was done from jackfruit, after dialysis and precipitation, isolated urease was characterised by determining optimum pH and temperature and finally confirmed by the protein isolation technique, SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis. The optimum temperature of urease activity was found to be 40 degree Celsius. The optimum pH of urease activity was found to be 6.9. The molecular weight of partially purified urease is 90 KDa. Thus, urease enzyme isolated from jackfruit source showed potential activity on physiological functions in human beings. Since plant urease enzyme is used as a vaccine. In future; the study can be extended in purifying the enzyme and it can be used for clinical aspects.


Enzyme isolation Jack fruit Protein Purification Urease

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