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We have tried to assess the effects of various methods in the treatment of mid-shaft clavicle fractures for Evaluating the end effects of midshaft Clavicle fractures diagnosed in the Tertiary Treatment Centre through different surgical procedures.Assess the feasibility and risks of the various treatment modalities in relation to time required for union concerning radiological and clinical outcomes range of movements associated complications about infection, deformity and pain stability at shoulder joint . The results are evaluated according to the DASH score. The study was conducted from October 2016 to March 2018 for mid-shaft clavicle fractures in patients with Open Reduction and Internal Plating Fixation, while intramedullary nailing patients were selected and performed from October 2013 to October 2016 at the Orthopedics Department at Krishna Hospital and Medical Research Centre. The present study is a Randomized, Prospective (in terms of plating cases), Retrospective (in terms of cases with intramedullary nailing), and Comparative and Clinical study. In this research or study, we have resolved that plate fixation for severely displaced communicated midpoint shaft clavicle fractures provides excellent results in terms of rigid fixation, rotational stability and maintenance of anatomical length which intramedullary nailing fails to maintain.


Clavicle plating nailing bone fracture

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Vishal Sharma, & Paresh Vilasrao Patil. (2020). Study Of Stabilization Of Shaft Clavicle Fractures. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3222-3232.