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Cross-sectional study in 4786 live births prospective study of surviving infants born scope and clinical manifestations of congenital malformations. It was noted that a total of 4786 live births, the number of infants with a congenital malformation of 100 stillbirths, infant mortality and child morbidity are significantly detected by the abnormal impact. The number of infant birth defects, due to the advanced diagnostic technology, especially the increase USG prenatal and neonatal period. In the current study, 2753 (57.5%) and 2033 (42.5%), male and female fertility. Congenital male fertility in the baby was observed to be relatively high (68) as compared to comparative female (32) cases, as per the chi-square test (p<0.05). For a prevalence of 27 babies (27 percent), in our study, congenital abnormalities, though 2 instances (2 percent) of low birth weights, 9 (9 percent) of the children were very low birth weights and 16 (27.5 percent), of the normal birth weight.


Congenital malformations neonatal deaths childhood morbidity Dysmorphism Hypospadias

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Poojan Patel, & Potdar D B. (2020). Study Of Clinically Manifested Congenital Malformations In Live Births. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3191-3197.