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Present study to evaluate and detect thyroid dysfunction and its correlation in patients with a menstrual disorder in the reproductive age group. Research objectives are to study the prevalence of thyroid disorders in relation to menstrual disorders and study the correlation between menstrual irregularities and thyroid dysfunction. Precise assessments of thyroid hormones in serum become achievable easily and accurately with the introduction of new hormographical research techniques. Hypothyroidism diagnosis is advantageous because it typically relieves the patient of all symptoms. Therefore, the assessment of thyroid activity forms an essential component for the evaluation of a female with menorrhagia or otherwise menstrual irregularities. The individuals are rescued from repeated curettage from hysterectomy by early diagnosis of hypothyroidism Objectively measured menstrual blood losses were 35 ml per menstrual cycle (patients in the age group exposures.


Thyroid hormone Pituitary gland Hyperthyroidism Hypothyroidism AUB Menorrhagia

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Moulika Shirish Shah, & Patange R. P. (2020). A study of correlation between thyroid disorders and menstrual disorders in reproductive age group. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3183-3190.