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Ayurveda is a branch of medicine pertaining with the treatment modalities utilizing the natural ways . Traditional medicine has several benefits including being economically beneficial and having lesser toxic effects also proven to be a permanent cure when compared with its allopathic counterparts . The benefits of several such naturally occurring medicines is still not clear . They are used as anti-inflammatory agent , antifungal agent and can also be used as antioxidants and analgesics . Introducing Herbal Medicine into Dentistry will be beneficial in several aspects like relieving pain , inflammation , being cost effective and readily available etc. Apart from all the uses , the belief that ‘The herbal medicine is devoid of side effects is not true . Despite of all these advantages of traditional medicines , the amount of their usage is comparatively less owing to the lack of its awareness. Hence the objective of the article is to mention the uses and toxicities of most commonly used herbs and their usage in dentistry


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Chinmayee Dahihandekar, Sweta Kale Pisulkar, Rohit Mistry, & Hetal Purohit. (2020). Evidence Based Herbal Medicine for Modern Dentistry. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3171-3176.