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Ayurveda is attaining the attraction globally not only as an ancient life science but also as a successful aid to treat and manage the ailments in style, Apart from the common sayings that Ayurveda does not have quick-acting treatment modality, Nowadays Ayurveda is successfully managing sports medicine effectively and smoothly, as far as sports medicine and athletes are concerned Injuries are part & parcel of a sportsperson’s life. They are a class of people who torture their body to the maximum to get the maximum result. Injuries are sustained due to faulty techniques, accidents as in the case of contact sports. In the process, they sustain a lot of injuries. Despite advanced treatment techniques injuries tend to recur. It severely hampers the progress of their career & shortens their active sports life. It forces them for early retirement. Ayurvedic treatment like sringavacharana & bandaging technique help to heal the injuries more effectively. Sringavacharana is an essential tool in the armarium of Ayurvedic physician to deal as emergency care in low back the technique and step involved in executing the Sringavacharana in the modern era and swastika bandhana is explained with essential photographs and also with the help of a clinical study.


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Najeeb T K, & Prasanth R Krishnan. (2020). The Role of Sringavacharana and Bandages In Sports Injuries WSR to Acromio-ClavicularJoint Dislocation and Low Back Pain. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3114-3118.