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Fermentation also sometimes increases the nutritional value of the food products. The advantages of maturation of nourishment make them simpler to process, make hazardous substances or unpalatable things eatable and make nourishments more nutritious. The purpose of this study is to assess the nutritional value of rice products before and after fermentation. Rice batter was prepared and an aliquot from the rice batter was made to ferment. Both the unfermented rice batter and fermented rice batter was subjected to further analysis. The two samples were checked for the following biomolecule such as carbohydrate, protein, fat, fibre and calcium content. The energy value of fermented and non-fermented are 134 kcals/g and 130 kcals/g. From the above study we proved that fermentation results in increase of crude fibre, protein and calcium. There was a decrease in fat and carbohydrate value after fermentation which makes the food healthier. The non-fermented rice sample has decreased fibre, protein, calcium and increased carbohydrate and fat content. So as the results conclude those fermented foods are healthier than unfermented food. On a daily basis consumption of fermented rice gives more nutrition and has more energy content as well.


Fermented food Rice Nutritional value Protein Carbohydrates

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Thanish Ahamed S, Vishnu Priya V, & Gayathri R. (2018). Assessment of nutritional value of rice products before and after fermenta-tion. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(2). Retrieved from

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