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The post-operative period is a critical time during hospitalization. Back pain is one of the most common indispositions during the post-operative period. Many causes may be attributed to post-operative Back pain. A few of them maybe ACT during a medical procedure, length of medical procedure, a span of immobilization, and exacerbation of existing ailment. The study aims to assess the effectiveness of lumbar support on Backache among post-operative patients. A quantitative approach with the quasi-experimental design was chosen to evaluate the effectiveness of lumbar support on Backache among the post-operative patients at Saveetha Medical College Hospital. Sixty patients who fulfilled the inclusive criteria were selected by purposive sampling technique. Sociodemographic variables of samples were collected by interviewing them. The Numerical pain Rating Scale assessed the Backache. The study findings revealed were recorded. The present study findings depict that in the pre-test of the experimental group majority of them had severe pain, 68%.In contrast, in the post-test the pain level reduced from moderate to mild due to lumbar support among post-operative patients. In the control group, most of them had severe pain 62%, whereas, in the post-test, 52% had moderate level pain. The mean and standard deviation of the effectiveness of lumbar support on Backache among post-operative patients in the experimental group mean is 3.2. The standard deviation of 3.34 w-0, the mean difference is -2.87 z value is -4.7821. The investigation results delineated that there was an association between the degree of back pain and history of back pain among the experimental and the control group patients with p< 0.05.


Lumber support Back ache Postoperative patients

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Parimala L, & Jeevapriya T. (2020). Effectiveness of lumbar support on backache among postoperative patients. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3084-3087.