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The paleolithic diet is a modern diet consumed by humans during Paleolithic era. The paleo diet includes foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots and meat and excludes dairy products, grains, sugar, legumes, processed oils, salt, alcohol or coffee. The Paleo diet is based on avoiding processed foods, but rather the foods that humans began eating according to settled agriculture. This Paleo diet is promoted across the world as a way of improving health of human beings and decreasing the diseases that spreads due to various risk factors. Evidences proves that this diet may lead to improvements in physiologic functions and metabolic effects compared with diets recommended by national nutritional guidelines. There is lots of controversy surrounding this diet and hence, more research and awareness into the specificities of the diet should be done. In this current era, we should bring back the paleo diet in trends and to create the awareness among the people across the world.


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