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Green tea is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide. This beverage has so many health benefits which is known to all, it will reduce the number of diseased individuals drastically. A survey was conducted based on the benefits of green tea to the general public of Chennai. A sample size of 150 was taken and the data was statistically analysed. From the survey, we analyse that only 14% consume green tea, less than 50% of the participants were aware of green tea’s health benefits. Green tea consumption improves the antioxidants levels and removes the toxins from the body. The active phytoconstituents present in the green tea protects the people from many chronic diseases and it increases the life span of the human beings. Participants have to be made more aware of the health benefits of green tea. Such awareness can be created by educating people at a younger age at school levels, by advertisements, media and by placing catchy posters in public places.


Green tea Polyphenols Catechins Antioxidant

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