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Adolescence is a most crucial period in a person’s life because rapid changes occur in physical, psychological and emotional spheres. Due to the immaturity and emotional turmoil the adolescent undergoes in this period a safe, nurturing environment is essential for the adolescents to grow up in to a well adjusted person. The aim of this study to assess the influence of psychosocial stressors on emotional and behavioral problems of school adolescents. The study conducted at Govt. Higher secondary school for boys and girls at Guduvancheri  in Kanchipuram District, Chennai. A mixed method research design was used for collecting data from 8th to 12th standard students’ age between 13-17 years. The stratified random sampling technique was used to collect data from 100 samples with help of the standard tool child behaviour check list (CBCL)YSR 11-18year. The result revealed that in comparing the CBCL score between the male and female adolescents having significant difference in rule breaking behaviour p<0.003 and thought problems p<0.001. Out of 100 samples 10 Adolescents were selected who had emotional and behavioural problems and were sharing their problems and express their stressors. By this personal discussion found out  the root stressors such as  poor parental relationship (alcoholic father), insecure home environment, peer pressure, inadequate economical support and academic pressure lead them for loneliness, inferiority, hopelessness,  anxiety,  involvement of  immoral behaviors.


Unhealthy psychosocial environment mental health emotional and behavioral problems adolescent

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Valarmathi V, Thirunavukarasu M, & Kanniammal C. (2020). Impact of Unhealthy Psycho Social Environment on Adolescent Mental Health Causes Emotional and Behavioural Problems. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3009-3016.