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There is a lot of requirement to develop a preclinical rapid drug screening devices to treat the throat cancerous patients in effective manner. Very High cost models like animal based, 2d and 3d type models are static drug screening models and they are unable to mimic the human body dynamic condition. So microfluidic platform based drug screening devices will give predetermined and prominent result in rapid drug screening by mimic dynamic body conditions. Now it is required to review what are the developments from last five years in screening the drug for cancer. Recently research is going on microfluidic platforms to screen the efficacy of mixed drugs, drug tolerance, and drug susceptibility. So this study presents the review on what are the advancements in microfluidic platforms for rapid drug screening and for different cancer patients. This study also presents what are the different sensing methodologies of microfluidic devices exists to screen the drug for various cancerous tissues


chemotherapy microfluidic platform rapid drug screening throat cancer

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Kalpana Seelam, & Daisy Rani A. (2020). Microfluidic based Platform for drug screening-A review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 2999-3004.