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Majority of people with chronic diseases have poor adherence to their therapeutic regimen. It can result in various complications physialogically with undesirable metabolic conditions. The main objective of this study is to assess the level of satisfaction attained after medication in comorbidities (either having diabetes only or having hypertension only or having Hypertension and Diabetes) and also focussed on creating awareness in patients who do not follow the medication. A prospective cross sectional study was conducted at tertiary care hospital, Khammam, Telangana. 200 patients were approached and were interviewed with their consent. The purpose of the same was to collect the information on socio demographics, medication that is followed, and behavioural characteristics. A structured questionnaire MMAS-8 an eight itemed scale was involved to identify individuals, determine their levels, the reliability and validity of the medication followed. The scrutiny of this study found that there is a better medication adherence in individual’s diseases (Hypertension, Diabetes) whereas in hypertension and diabetes condition high and low adherence were reported because of their awareness, negligence and risk factors respectively. The study concludes that there is an increase in Medication adherence in individual diseases whereas in hypertension and diabetes there are equal ranges of both low and high adherence.


Chronic diseases Medication adherence Hypertension Diabetes MMAS-8

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Nikhitha K, Sai kiran S, Prasad M, & Chinni Eswaraiah M. (2020). Assessment of medication adherence in chronic diseases. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 2922-2927.