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Cognitive functions are the critical brain functions responsible for the effective learning and understanding in the humans. They are responsible for various functions like attention, memory, reasoning and in turn helps to improve knowledge. Cognitive impairment is majorly seen in elderly as the brain is prone to neuro degradation. It may also occur in young adults due to poor diet or exercise. Improving cognition is of utmost importance and can be done by the use of cognition enhancers like Nootropics. This class of drugs is said to act by various mechanisms, which in turn leads to the betterment of the neurotransmission in the brain. They may act on acetylcholine, Gamma Butyric Acid, on the beta amyloid receptor or on NMDA. This research emphasis on the enhancement of cognition along with treating various neurodegenerative diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Nootropic drugs are chosen for this formulation as they exhibit a rationale in combination with each other since they follow distinctive route of mechanism to treat the diseases. They also show action by preventing the worsening of the disease and by curing the disease. Nootropics are known to have low toxicity leading to their wide acceptance and research. As compared to other combination of nootropic, in this combination, the side effects are reduced of one in presence of the other and show a much higher bioavailability. They cross the blood brain barrier and central nervous system half-life is longer as compared to the systemic half-life owing to their efficacy and superiority over other nootropics when it comes to treating cognition Fixed dose combination of these nootropic drugs is desired and the dose can’t be varied as they no longer show their effect if not used in the exact dose required. The dosage of this varied drug depends on the severity of the disease and patient condition. The research has helped to achieve the reduction in the total tablet mass from 1500 mg to 1420 mg with the use of few excipients. This made it easier for patients to swallow the tablet easily due to an oval shape of the tablet formulation.


Cognitive functions Croscarmellose sodium Fixed Dose Combination Neuro degradation Neurodegenerative disorder

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Priyavarshini R, Shweta Betala, & Amit B Patil. (2020). Formulation and Evaluation of fixed dose combination of Nootropic drugs. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 2895-2908.