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The present study is the first report of the anticancer activity of the wild plants Atuna indica (Bedd.) Kosterm and Atuna travancorica(Bedd.) Kosterm from Western Ghats, India. Different plant parts of Atuna indica (leaves and flowers) and Atuna travancorica (leaves) were collected, chopped, shade dried and extracted in ethanol by maceration process and evaporated to dryness with the use of rotary evaporator. The ethanol extracts of the test plant parts of the two species were subjected to the anticancer therapeutic nature with the help of In vitro cytotoxicity studies using Dalton’s Lymphoma ascites (DLA) and K562 Cell Line through Trypan blue dye exclusion and MTT assay methods. Similarly, antioxidant activity evaluation was done by DPPH Assay of the two species to strengthen the anticancer therapeutic findings obtained. The results suggested that the plant parts such as the leaves of the two species possess anticancer activity; in particular leaves of A. travancorica shows prominent anticancer activity when compared with the other parts of the two species examined.


Atuna indica Atuna travancorica MTT DPPH Assay

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