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Ayurveda not only focus on preventive and promotional health but also has strong footing in the field of healthy progeny. Garbhini paricharya is essential for safe motherhood and healthy progeny. Garbhini Paricharya refers to antenatal care or prenatal which recommends Ahara (specific dietary regimen) and Vihara (activity for physical, mental and emotional well being). In Ayurveda, Garbhini paricharya is divided in three categories such as Masanumasik Pathya ahara and Vihara (monthly dietary regimen and lifestyle), Garbhasthapak karma (diet and activities for maintenance of pregnancy and better progeny) and avoidance of Garbhopaghatakar Bhavas (diet and activities which are harmful to fetus). Out of many factors which are responsible for overall development of fetus, Garbhini ahara-vihara plays very important role. We always say “you are what you eat” it may also be true that “you are what your mother ate”. Modern medical science also believes that fetal growth is dependent on appropriate diet and life style of pregnant mother. Abnormal diet and life style produce adverse effect on fetus. Organogenesis is that period when important organ of fetus are developing. It is 6-10 wks of intrauterine life. During this period fetus is most at risk from birth defects caused by external factors. Many diseases and fetal development disorders are consider as being related to prenatal exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC).


Garbhini Ahara-Vihara Garbhastha sishu Yogasana Pranayama Meditation Yoga mudras Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC)

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Bharadwaj Pooja, Srivastava Niraj, Kumar Pradeep, & Saxena Varsha. (2020). Effect of Garbhini Ahara-Vihara (Diet & lifestyle in pregnancy) on Garbhastha Sishu (Fetus) and offspring. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 2802-2808.