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Rosuvastatin calcium is a BCS class II drug which is used as hyper lipidemic. Many of BCS class II drugs offer the disadvantage of solubility, to overcome the issue of solubility nanoparticle preparation is an promisable approach. A simple and efficient technique for the preparation of nanoparticles is precipitation technique. Polymeric nano particles have been prepared by employing nano precipitation technique. The nanosuspensions were prepared by using PVP K30, HPMC K15M, Eudragit L100 in various ratios using precipitation technique. The compatibility between the drug and various ingredients are tested by DSC. The formed nanoparticles were evaluated for various testing parameters like particle size, zetapotential, drug content and dissolution testing. Among all the formulations the nanosuspension prepared with Eudragit L 100 showed better characteristics. The dissolution test showed the drug release for 12 hours. The best formulation showed the particle size of 100.5 ± 5.4 nm and zeta potential of -55.1 mv. The invivo studies on the wistar rats showed better pharmacokinetic parameters when compared to the pure drug. Nano precipitation method was successfully employed to prepare Rosuvastatin calcium nanosuspension to improve the dissolution as well as bioavailability.


bioavailability dissolution nanoparticles precipitation quassi emulsification Rosuvastatin calcium

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Santhosh Raja M, & Venkataramana K. (2020). Formulation Characterization And Invitro, Invivo Evaluation Of Stabilized Rosuvastatin Calcium Nanosuspension. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(2), 2657-2664.